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Walks of Art™ is a new concept in custom designed walkway systems.

"Take a Walk on the Wild Side" concrete walkway
Snake Walk
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Designed as a nature-inspired complement to any garden, courtyard, porte-cochere or patio,
this custom, concrete system can be used alone or integrated with standard landscaping pavers.

Because of the unique casting system, thicknesses can be adjusted to any dimension, thus allowing for vehicular use or commercial applications such as hospitality, religious or corporate settings.

Doves InstallDoves WalkCustom designed and cast components of interlocking concrete shapes are unlike standard geometric shaped pavers, allowing for more creative and colorful applications such as images or logos. Concrete is 10,000 psi, cast with integral color pigment and air entrained as necessary. With over 100 color ranges to choose from and numerous textures available, the possibilities are endless.

Pavers are shipped with numbered patterns for installation by customer or qualified paver contractor, and can be mortar set or loose laid.

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6' x 11' Tropical theme Patio Insert

Tropical Patio
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Solid-color concrete components
for war memorial insert,
2-22 Batallion, Ft. Drum, NY

2-22 Memorial, Ft Drum
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Solid-color concrete components for
Marine Raiders Memorial, Quantico, VA.

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Additional memorial walkway component
for Marine Raiders, Quantico, VA...
One Mind, Any Weapon
Walkway insert is 5'x5', solid color concrete.

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9' x 9' Dragonfly patio
Dragonfly Patio
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'Don't Be Koi' Walk
Walk in place
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Driveway Insert with Bronze Inlay
for Private Residence

bronze inlaid driveway
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4'x4' Patio/Driveway Insert,
"Three Below Sea Level", Stock Design

Paver Insert Beach Theme
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Medallion Insert for Country Club Pavilion
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Jester, Comedy and Tragedy masks of 2" thick concrete with solid color components are colorful additions to this Mardi Gras themed garden.  Masks are approximately 4' tall and are in one or two pieces, so they can be relocated easily.
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Q. How do I get started?

A. Think of a theme or design you like and send us a drawing or description with dimensions of your patio or walkway. We will send you a drawing with a price.

Q. What if I want to install it myself?

A. Properly preparing the site will determine the success of your Walk. We provide a full size pattern, drawn and numbered on weed barrier fabric, which can be used not only for excavating the shape of your walk, but to place over the 3" of gravel and 1 1/2" of sand you install before setting the pieces. As all walks pieces are numbered, it's then as simple as putting a child's jigsaw puzzle together and finishing off with sand or mortar joints. (To be sure the soil under your gravel base is properly tamped when excavating, you may want to rent a tamper or vibrator).

Call or write today for more information.


4'x6' concrete wall with Image-Relief design.  Subtle flow for minimal spray and noise.

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Custom designs and sizes available for
indoor or outdoor applications.

Concrete Wall Medallions
18" Hanover Tomato design
Tomato Medallion
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Concrete Wall Medallions
18"sq Geometric design
Geometric Medallion
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"Translucent Concrete"
Light emitting reinforced concrete
using recycled glass
Translucent Concrete with recycled glass
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Concrete sculpture clues made for Washington Post Puzzle Hunt. 

Weedless Overlockers

These overlocking, permeable pavers are uniquely designed to inhibit weed growth between pavers, yet allow for water evacuation in the joints. 

This patented system of overlocking joints helps reduce water runoff, and minimizes weed maintenance.  The colors, sizes, textures and shapes are all custom created to your needs. 

GardenGuardian Weedless Borders

GardenGuardian Weedless Borders are 2" thick concrete edge pavers, designed to prevent weed growth at the fence line.  Pavers are set in the ground with overlocking joints (to inhibit weed growth) and fence post holes are in the actual pavers.  Although custom sizes and shapes are available, standard sizes come in 18"x18" corners, 6"x9" straights and 6"x18" straights.  Mowers can roll over the outer edge, but the fence line remains clear underneath.  Holes for fence posts are custom-sized in round, square or rectangular shapes, made to fit your post sizes.  Standard color is gray, but custom colors are available.


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